Why ADI Advanced Digital Imaging?

ADI Advanced Digital Imaging, PLLC (ADI) is a single modality CBCT scanning organization providing high-quality and compassionate patient care. Offering state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging and interpretation services, our team works collaboratively with the doctors that refer to us to meet their unique imaging needs. Our straight forward referral process and quick turn-around time make ADI a natural choice for urgent scan requests and routine ones as well.


What makes ADI the #1 choice by dentists?

Better Treatment Outcomes

Knowing exactly what lies beneath the surface before making the first incision allows practitioners to perform more accurate procedures while minimizing exploratory methods that otherwise might be needed. Our focus on quality imaging, provides zero distortion views of critical anatomy with preciseness to a fraction of a millimeter (unlike 2 dimensional traditional dental x-rays).  The data can be imported into a growing number of compatible 3rd party software options to precisely plan implant placement, orthodontic and sleep apnea treatment.

Increased Case Acceptance

Individual scan results are compiled into a patient-friendly portfolio which ordering doctors find to be an excellent communication and education tool when relaying anatomical considerations and discussing treatment options with patients. The result is provided in printed as well as electronic formats and always includes a written narrative prepared by our Board Certified Oral & Maxillofacial Radiologists. We have been told that case/treatment acceptance rates have improved with the use of our portfolios.

Convenience For Patients

Outstanding, compassionate and convenient diagnostic imaging is available for patients that don’t want to travel to the greater Boston area.  Being right over the Massachusetts border, in Salem, NH – our office location is on a street with low traffic and plenty of parking which makes it an easy commute for our Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire patients.